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As with everything in this universe, including human beings, all is comprised of energy.

About Me

• Pain
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Stress
• Panic Attacks
• Trauma
• PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
• Phobias
• Chronic Fatigue
• Headaches / Migraines
• Addictions
• Insomnia
• Low Self Esteem
As with everything in this universe, including human beings, all is comprised of energy.
All humans are physical, mental, emotional and more.
When one or more of these energy systems becomes unbalanced being blocked, depleted, overwhelmed, stagnant or drained, havoc sets in and disease becomes apparent.

…is a gentle and effective natural therapy that supports growth and change in all areas of life.
…uses muscle monitoring as a biofeedback technique which directly accesses inner knowledge.
…acts very quickly and often requires relatively few consultations to receive lasting benefit.
Lyn’s unique technique of Kinesiology allows a wide range of conditions to be balanced extending from small everyday issues to life threatening diseases.

Cancerous Tumour Decreased in Size
After my second appointment with Lyn, my surgeon confirmed that my tumour was less than 45% of its original size and all other cancerous cells had disappeared.
Chronic Fatigue / Anxiety
I came looking for answers for anxiety and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms. While Lyn may start with the symptoms, she is brilliant at discovering their cause and treating the depth of the problem. She is thorough and careful, quick in her method but extensive in her healing. I would thoroughly recommend Lyn to anyone. C.M.
Fear of Heights
Our dream (my husband & I) was to travel overseas experiencing the world, but my fear of heights controlled me in many ways. After Lyn’s treatment, I have climbed the Great Wall of China and stood on the observation deck of tallest building (88 storeys) in Beijing. Thank you – it was fabulous. L.W.
Surgery Cancelled
An ovarian cyst found 3 months earlier had disappeared within one week of my kinesiology balance with Lyn. After suffering acute ovulation pains for many years, the pain no longer exists. D.J.
After battling for years, I can now get to sleep and continue to sleep the entire night, waking relaxed, refreshed and ready for the new day. W.S.
Past Issues Resolved
Kinesiology has helped me in many ways. I feel lifted emotionally, after having spent a long time feeling very low. I had no idea that my body had held on to past negative experiences. S.
Huge Life Changes
Over the past 3 months I have been seeing Lyn, a lot has changed in myself and everything in life around me. Lyn has helped me move through issues which I thought I would never have been able to get over, issues that I’ve been struggling with throughout my life. Lyn has lifted these burdens I used to carry and made me feel free in myself for the very first time. My mother also attends with Lyn and has stopped having night terrors, her life is improving rapidly. I would recommend Lyn to anybody who is tired of experiencing the same feelings or pattern issues in life, I owe her my deepest gratitude for helping me let go and lead the life I truly aspired to have. E.
Breathing Issues Resolved
My experiences of healings with Lyn have been surprising and fun. I don’t mind getting into the real reasons behind illness in my body but the results that come from these sessions have been a blessing. I have always had breathing problems but I never realised that I was not breathing through my nose until it was revealed one session. A couple of days later I was sitting at the traffic lights and realised that I was breathing normally and my mouth was closed. Something that felt so normal when I was doing it, was actually new for me. Many thanks, Lyn. K.
Emotional Burdens Lifted
I was going through an unexpected, unwanted yet significant transition in my life and needed assistance to sort myself out. However, at first, I had no idea of what to expect but now I am keen for each session to pan out and discover more of myself by letting go of all the old ‘clutter’ that is no longer necessary to experience the joy of living my life. I can honestly say, that the transition I was going through went so much smoother than expected – I can attribute a large part of that with Lyn’s work.
Not having had kinesiology before or a clear understanding of how it works, doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you trust your practitioner and you see the results happen in your life. I have certainly seen results. Certain situations that once would have bothered me in various ways, are now simply a course of actions with no underlying emotional burden.
Through her unique method, it becomes clear to you of your own self limitations that hold you back in life and Lyn can certainly assist with clearing your being of this clutter. K.B
No Issue Too Small
Lyn is a counsellor and a kinesiologist in one. She has amazing insight and understanding. She’s there to help you help yourself whether you know how to or not. I’ve learnt that no issue is too trivial for her, because if it’s important to you then it’s something that needs to be dealt with – your body and mind demand it!

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Daisy Hill, QLD, Australia



Monday to Saturday  08.00 am. – 21.00 pm.
Sunday  Closed.


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